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Planning your Garden Lighting

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

A well-planned outdoor lighting scheme does more than just bring your garden to life at night – it can boost safety and extend your living spaces too.

Getting it Right from the Start

Getting your electricity to the right places before the plants go in is the key to garden lighting. You really need to know where you want light at the beginning of the planning. Work out your plants and features first, then design the effects and choose the light fittings.

Setting the Mood for Garden Lighting

“Ask yourself, Are you looking to add safety, drama, depth or excitement? The ambience you want to achieve will determine the lighting choices.

Look at the architecture of your home—Begin lighting projects by reviewing the overall space, and imagine the atmosphere you want to evoke. You want to achieve a seamless flow from your home, to features to plantings, using light to lead the line of sight.

Keeping within your budget

If you set aside 5% of your total garden costs towards lighting, it is a good guide to giving your outdoor living space enough light to enjoy after dark.

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