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Lighting for Staircases

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Lighting on staircases isn’t purely a decorative theme, it also serves a very real function in terms of safety. Glare should be avoided and maintenance considered, whilst using interior lighting to enhance the form can add beauty and softness.


There are 3 main types of Step Lights:

  • Step Lights

  • Linear Lights

  • Handrail lights

Step Lights

We've all experienced "step-lights" - those little lights on the wall that throw light down onto the steps.  They can be every tread, every 3 treads - depending on the specific light fitting selected, they can be placed just about anywhere.  There's a few different styles - and we highly recommend trying to find lights that have glare control - and by that I mean, if you can look directly at the light when you look at the wall, it'll probably have too much glare and be distracting. #mostpopularsteplights

Linear Lights

Running linear light through every tread can look amazing! but be careful you don't end up with stairs that look like they belong in a Casino!  This comes down to making sure you use  a good quality linear light, with an excellent diffuser, consistent light across the length (that means no dots!) and something that isn't too bright.  You want to see the steps - not be blinded by them. #dramatic

Handrail Lights

Handrails are a great place to hide light, and with the prevalence of linear LED lighting, this can be accomplished in any number of ways.  Important to aim for uniform light coming from a strip - as you will see it from some angles, and the dots just detract from the overall effect.

There are handrails on the market - usually for outside - with little "puk" lights in them - a few of these are actually made in Australia, and that is a great idea for outside where you want safety light, but perhaps not to draw too much attention. #stylish #elegant

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